Meowington: The Temple Cat

Meowington, The Temple Cat
Meowington, The Temple Cat

A few months ago, two people who moved abruptly to Tennessee left three cats behind in the former woodshop on my property–the one that I am now turning into the “tiny temple,” Lokabrenna (Pt.1). The talkative Siamese, Khu, was adopted by neighbors across the street. The nameless and feral grey female bolted from the rafters one morning and I haven’t seen her since. And the last cat, the tabby male named “Meowington” (I didn’t name him), is now the sole occupant.

I have four indoor cats already, and they are only now getting used to each other (the two newer cats joined my family this year). I can’t take in a fifth, even though I wish I could. Though Meowington is an extremely affectionate and personable animal, he must remain “the temple cat,” sleeping and eating in Lokabrenna (Pt.2) and free to roam during the day.

Lokabrenna Tiny Temple

Thanks to the miracle of polyester shower curtains, Lokabrenna is looking and feeling more like a sacred space everyday. The shower curtains disguise the walls of exposed tar paper and 2x4s. Lokabrenna is in great need of insulation and sheetrock, but I can’t afford the materials or the labor right now.

But winter is coming (where have I heard that expression before?). I’m going to have to do something to at least make a warm, cozy corner for the temple cat, who will be spending quite cold nights in this “meagre palace of Midgard.” Of course I’ll do what I can. Meowington needs neutering and rabies shots too–a big priority in this Lake County neighborhood that borders on the wild. And another big expense.

I adore cats. Meowington has already stolen my heart. But he’s one cat more than I can evacuate in case of fire (as I had to do this last summer) and I worry that he needs more companionship than I can provide. His Siamese buddy is just across the street, but a huge black and white feral cat is bullying him. And there are other outdoor hazards, from coyotes to ticks.

And yet he’s a sweet presence on the land. He reminds me why my first favorites were always tabbies (I’ve since moved on to black cats and “tuxedo cats”). Even so, I’d love to place him in a “forever home,” as he’s a loving cat who will bring joy into someone’s life.

Meanwhile, Loki seems to like having him around, as do I.


6 thoughts on “Meowington: The Temple Cat

  1. I wonder if the gray cat will show up again? I know about cat expenses, I have an orange tabby named Sparky I just got from the shelter who’s a real sweetheart. I like how the murals look on the walls. The big tree reminds me of Yggdrasil. I had an intense dream about it once. I imagine the winters there are brutal. I’d put a rug down for Meowington and if you can find a cheap hooded cat bed. Too bad the black and white one is bullying him, I’d love to see him being able to visit his Siamese friend across the street. I like the thought of a temple cat;)

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    1. Hi Moonfire,
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it! I do leave food out for the gray cat, just in case. I’ve got some pads and stuff down for Meowington already, and I like the idea of a cheap hooded cat bed–something I can throw more blankets over for insulation. I’m thinking of a heat lamp too, to make a warming spot. Will let you know how it goes. Winters aren’t brutal in that it hardly ever snows, but they ARE cold. And yes, the tree reminds me of Yggdrasil too. That’s why I picked it. All the best, Amy


  2. A heat lamp sounds like a good idea. I made a cat bed a couple years ago and donated it to this big cat farm called the Cat House on the Kings. It’s in California. This woman (with a LOT of volunteers) has made a huge space for over a thousand cats! It’s even on YouTube. I was so happy the bed was well received and I could help out. If you want, I could make one for you too as soon as I get some extra money, hopefully this month. I don’t know what the shipping cost is though It’s not too much in the US. I basically just get some foam pads and material from a fabric store. I have an ETSY too where I make devotional jewelry, candles, soap and bath products. I also knit and crochet. I have some leftover cat toys I’m not using if you want some. I’ve made some for a friend in past years. It doesn’t snow much here either, but it does get cold. When it does snow, the whole city shuts down.

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    1. Hi Moonfire, You are so nice and generous! But that’s okay! No need to make a kitty bed, though it is incredibly sweet of you to offer. I’ve got some stuff on hand that I’ll be using for Meowington. I like hearing about the Cat House, though. Will check it out! By the way, the day I wrote the blog, I caught sight of the grey kitty near the temple, so she’s still around and okay. I hope she’s going inside to eat! All the best!


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