Leaving it Right Here

Infinite Donut

Hail Flame Hair, Consumer of Modern Desserts!

Grant us your alchemy of dough and desire,

Sprinkle us with blessings even as this donut is adorned

With multi-colored sugary goodness.

Dip us in the sweet heat of the moment,

Allow us to savor life even as you savor this goodie.

Hail Silver Tongue, may this edible monstrosity grace your tastebuds,

May it provide complete satiation for your infinite appetites.

Please accept this crisp and creamy offering as a token of our devotion.

Hail Loki!


3 thoughts on “Leaving it Right Here

  1. That is SO his sense of humor! One time in a dream, he swiped a Blow Pop from me and walked to the back of my house and started a fire. I guess that was his way of telling me he wanted a lollipop as an offering. The fire didn’t burn the house, but I think it was symbolic. The first time I met him he started a fire inside my house. This time it was outside. Somebody was joking “don’t ask Loki for a Jaguar car because he’ll probably get you a toy car with a picture of a jaguar on it.”

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