LokiFest CA

Loki wants this. But nothing is simple! Event still under construction.

Join us for a celebration of the Norse Trickster through art, music, workshops, and liberating community.


Due to high insurance costs and the expecation of low turnout for the esoteric “workshop” portion of our two day event, we are switching to a Saturday outdoor/vendor and music street festival as an alternative program, with the Friday workshops taking place at a private location–limited to 15 people. Thank you for your patience as we hash out the details, insurance costs, vendor booth sales, and city approval. More info to come!

Proceeds after expenses will benefit The Troth Red Hammer Disaster Fund and the new safe house for homeless trans youth created by Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco. If you cannot come to LokiFest CA, I encourage you to donate to one or both of the above organizations in honor of Loki. Thanking you for your generosity in advance!

For ongoing info and updates:

Facebook page: fb.me/LokiFestivalCA

Twitter: @LokiFestCA

This event is fragrance-free. No perfumes, no essential oils.See you there, perhaps!


3 thoughts on “LokiFest CA

  1. Will there be any element of this available at a distance? Living in Scotland means it’s a bit too far to travel to do I’m hoping some presenters might be willing to produce notes or be recorded for those who can’t make it physically.

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    1. Hi there, good question! I am still at the early stages of putting the program together, but I am considering the idea of a webinar aspect to at least part of it. It depends on the technical stuff available at the hall. I will definitely keep this in mind as I move forward with developing the program. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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