A Spell for Democracy

It’s Halloween 2022 and here we are. True terror is upon us: rabid white supremacist, transphobic and homophobic and misogynistic Republicans toting guns and conspiracies, threatening the rest of us with Death/Pestilence (continued pandemic), Famine, War, and Conquest (the Four Horseman of the Patriarchy) and hoping to undermine our voting rights so they can reign and rain terror from the comfort of their own social media.

But the veil is thin today and tomorrow (and especially up to Nov. 7) so let’s work a little positive magic, shall we? Why not charm our democracy?! Chant this simple spell below and finish filling out your ballot even as you don your false eyelashes, catsuit, superhero cape, witch hat, vampire teeth, or any of the other countless costumes we have here at our disposal (just not anyone’s culture as a costume, please). I wrote this spell, but please, distribute it widely!

A Spell for Democracy

Her kink is not my kink but her kink is okay.