Results of Spectrosexuality Survey

LokiFest Online Conference Presentation, Aug. 7, 2019

Links to blogs about the survey, including comments from respondents (see charts below):

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VI. Spectrosexuality Survey: Spirit Beings

VII. Spectrosexuality Survey: Practices and Rituals

VIII. Spectrosexuality Survey: Satisfaction

IX and X. Spectrosexuality Survey: Challenges and Sensations

Update: March 18, 2019

The survey has 100 complete responses and is now closed for data collection. Thank you to all those who responded. Raw data for questions 3-10 are posted below the disclaimer and disclosure section. Scroll down.


March 5, 2019: Survey Background

Last year I wrote a blog on the topic of Spectrosexuality; Spirit Sex and God Spousery. I continue to be very interested in this topic and as a writer/blogger, I am now doing a short, confidential survey of neopagans (witches, magicians, heathens, druids, etc.) who have experienced sexual encounters or intense emotionally romantic encounters with spirits (deities, demons, angels, elves, etc.).

This is also a survey for people who are god spouses or god consorts (especially Lokean god spouses).

This is not a survey for people who want to express their opinions about whether or not such a thing exists, is possible, or is valid. I understand this is a controversial topic, but in this survey I’m only interested in respondents who feel they have had such experiences. It’s a limited, specific population. Thank you.

This is a topic that has not been handled very well in the press, and there’s been too much ridicule and too little data.

There are ten questions and the survey takes roughly seven minutes. Your ISP number will not be tracked and your identity will be protected and confidential.

For more explanation, here is the disclaimer/disclosure from the front page of the survey.

Disclaimer – Confidential, No Official Affiliation, Non-Scientific Survey

Hello! I’m a blogger, a sexologist, and a neopagan polytheist Lokean. I am curious about sexual encounters and ongoing relationships with spirits, deities, and the like. I’d like to write an indepth article for my blog, with better data than one usually finds. There’s a lot of conjecture about this topic and a lot of ridicule too. I’d like to go deeper, with a less sensational context. I’d like to know what other people have experienced and how they feel about it.

In this survey, I am seeking adult respondents who (1) know or suspect theyhave experienced intimate relations with a non-physical spiritual being; and (2) are involved in any form of neopagan spirituality or magic. (3) You might also identify as a god spouse or god consort. You must be 18+ to participate in this survey.

This confidential is entirely voluntary. It is a non-scientific/non-academic project with absolutely no affiliation with any school, research organization, or corporation. I have done other informal surveys in the past and then written articles.

Your voluntary participation in this confidential survey will take 5-10 minutes of your time. The survey has ten questions. There is no financial reward or incentive for completing the survey, and no one has made or will ever make any money from this research or from the data. A summary of the gathered data will be shared with people in neopagan communities so that everyone has access to the information.

Your identity will be entirely confidential. I am not asking for your names or other identifying data. This survey is NOT collecting ISP numbers. I will edit out any remarks in the comments boxes that could contain information that might lead to the discovery of a respondent’s identity.

And if we’re “in community” together via social media, please do NOT use the comments box to tell me that you know me, or tell me that you took this survey at any other time. Help me to help you keep this survey confidential.

Do complete the entire survey but please don’t take it more than once.

Content Warning: Some of the questions pertain to sexual practices. If you do not wish to answer these questions, there will be a “Decline to Answer” option.

If you have questions about this survey, please contact me, Amy Marsh, at Thank you so much for your voluntary participation.

Remember, you must be 18+ years of age to participate. If you’re not, please exit the survey now. Thanks!

Questions 3-10 Below









I’ll be writing blogs about each question with selections from the open-ended responses and other aspects of the survey. Stay tuned for more!