Fetish Loki

I wrote the above and felt an evil chortle arise in my gullet. Yes, my sacred, golden gullet, my darlings! Evil chortling is what all good villains master (in addition to you, my dears…) and I dost aspire to the most evil of masteries. And you will worship me betides.

Loki chuckles. Yes, the scene could go something like that…

Listen. Loki is everywhere. Even concealed (or revealed) in what may very well be only a lonely blogger’s esophageal spasm reinventing itself as wicked mirth (in the privacy of her own home).

Speaking of such privacy (and the apparent urge to violate it), I have a confession. I…logged on…to Fetlife… again…. after a looooong hiatus. As a sexologist, I regret saying this: it is as boring as ever. However I went there today, “burdened with glorious purpose,” as I wanted to see if there were any Loki-themed groups on FL, along with the usual very large array of this, that, and the other things.

As Marvel Loki says so feelingly in the above movie clip, “An ant has no quarrel with a boot.” In the same spirit, I have no quarrel with the Midgard Minions getting their kink on in “Furry Libras Unite” and “House of Leather Horrors.” As for the not-nearly-fawning-enough notes from men I don’t even know, kindly informing me that they’ll be “in town this weekend” seeking to have their fantasies fulfilled…they’ll get a psychic “boot” from me but nothing else.

Not even an esophageal spasm.

But back to my search for specific information: are there indeed people out there for whom Loki (Marvel or otherwise) is an actual “kink?” Judging by what I found on FL, it’s hard to distinguish fandom from kinkdom. I did a quick “Loki” search and found that several FL members have taken His name, for whatever reason. And there are a handful of fan-type groups, with rather small memberships, dating mostly from just before or just after Thor: The Dark World, released in 2013. All of these groups are moribund–most with no conversations more recent than 2015-2016.

A quick perusal of the postings was disappointing. I expected more cos-play and role-play posts, frankly, but there wasn’t much except someone proposing a Loki/Sigyn/Angrboda scene. And there was this: a post about a voice actor who “does” Tom Hiddleston and who reads everything from the children’s classic, Madeline, to some “not safe for work” (NSFW) material. His Loki’s Dirty Whispers are definitely worth a listen in the privacy of your own home or earbuds. This voice actor has a Patreon site as well as talent, and would be worth supporting if you have a little extra to spare. However, his sites also seem dormant.

What has happened, I wonder? Why did these FL groups fade, while on Facebook, Loki-focused groups are thriving? And I also wonder, where did that voice actor go?


Since data is thin, I’d like to speculate about what elements of Loki–specifically Marvel Loki as played by Tom Hiddleston–might spark a kinky interest deeper than a fan’s crush.

Auralism and Acousticophilia

Auralism and acousticophilia refer to arousal through sound–including music, voices, sounds of other people having sex, and so on. I have never thought myself as an auralist or  acousticophiliac before, but it’s true that beautiful, expressive, masculine voices are very appealing and sexy for me. Tom Hiddleston’s voice, whatever his role, has become one of my favorites. (Benedict Cumberbatch is a close second.) So for a person with this kind of philia, even the voice actor’s reading of Madeline could be arousing!

You don’t have to be a card-carrying auralist to respond to such voices. Lower pitched voices are generally thought to signal sexual interest and are therefore sexually appealing.  Even WebMD has an article on this!

Long Hair on Men

This would be a variation of the hair fetish generally known as trichophilia, which can take many forms. Fetlife has at least one group devoted to “Long Hair on Men,” with many female members. Marvel Loki and Marvel Thor amply deliver on this, at least until Thor’s hair is cut halfway through the middle of Thor: Ragnarok (2017). Hearts were probably broken in that moment. (But not mine. Loki retained his long locks and that’s all I cared about.)


Check out Loki’s costuming in this video of Hiddleston’s surprise appearance the 2013 San Diego ComiCon, as well as Hiddleston’s dom-ly monologue.

As Stan Lee used to say, “‘Nuff said.”

Knife Play

Marvel Loki loves his knives. He’s graceful, fierce, and handles them well. The fight scenes are well choreographed. For someone out there, these scenes are the stuff of kinky dreams.

The sparse Wikipedia entry reads:

“Knife play is a form of consensual BDSM edgeplay involving knives, daggers, and swords as a source of physical and mental stimulation. Knives are typically used to cut away clothing, scratch the skin, remove wax after wax play, or simply provide sensual stimulation. Knife play can also be a form of temperature play or body modification.”

As a sexologist, I would add this caution: If this is an interest of yours, take some classes and/or let yourself be well-mentored before doing this with anybody. Remember this mantra: Safe, Sane, and Consensual. And this one too: Risk Aware Kink.

Bondage and Switching

In spite of his dominant persona, Loki is frequently chained, restrained, and/or gagged in the Marvel movies. When he is, he’s very much the smart-ass.

And when Loki is slapped by Thor’s GF, Jane Foster, in Thor: The Dark World, he grins, his eyes gleam, and he says, “I like her!” He is hinting, perhaps, that Thor is missing something key in Jane’s erotic nature (she certainly slaps people a lot!). Again, this is all the stuff of someone’s kinky dreams…

In Conclusion

I could probably watch every Marvel Thor movie again–and find more things to list–but you get the idea. These movies are a rich source of erotic and even kinky inspiration. While Lokeans and Heathens may argue about the uses that Norse Loki may or may not make of this pop culture phenomenon, my own personal gnosis suggests that He is rather tickled about it, and the kinky stuff is simply more icing on the donut.

Hail Loki!

Day 8: Fascinating Facets

Public Domain. Author to come.

Our beloved Loki is a shapeshifer par excellence! And this shows up not only in the traditional lore but also in our current pop culture and in the ways that devotees perceive and render him/her/zir/them. Day 8 asks us to research and consider “variations on this deity (aspects, regional forms, etc.).” Other people have covered the traditional variations with more expertise than I can muster, so I’m gonna come at this from a different angle.

That fractal above? To me, that’s one way I can understand how Loki manifests. The colors are not always so pretty, but multi-dimensional change and shifts in viewpoint are non-stop. But I don’t get the sense that this is exhausting for Loki. He reminds me of what (little) I know of Shiva. It’s all a dance! It can look carefree, but there’s death and transmutation propelling every nimble movement. And, to quote from the grasshopper in my favorite Leon Rosselson song, “Where the dance leads I follow.” That’s Loki, except that he also makes the dance as he goes along, sometimes indulging in the amusing or tragic pretence of just being dragged along by circumstances or his inevitable Wyrd.

Constantly shifting insightful perspective…seeing/feeling it all from a number of vantage points…people don’t trust that. In the old stories, the Æsir didn’t trust it either. Loki, who is so subtle in his perceptions and blunt with his humor, garners a reputation as a liar, a shifty fellow, terribly sly. But it’s that dance that he must follow.

Dear me, but it’s one of the major reasons I love him/her/zir/them.

So today I want to take a look at contemporary depictions of Loki as one form of “regional” variation. Our artists and writers are busy these days. Loki is a compelling muse. He always has been. But his devotees are also engaged with aspects of Loki that personally speak to them. We probably can’t avoid seeing/feeling our gods through our filters, even when we reach enlightenment for the good of all sentient beings…

Loki the Bad Boy and Drinking Buddy

I notice a lot of this on social media. Loki as the annoying fellow (or spirit lover) who makes you buy that Fireball Whiskey or any exotic pink beverage you can pick up at the Dollar Store. He’s the hipster dude with a goatee, and perhaps even a cigarette (See how badass he is? Do gods get lung cancer? Does he care? Hell no!). He throws things around, disappears car keys, and makes you say his name when you orgasm with your spouse.

It’s all good. This works for many. I am not judgy, merely descriptive. And images abound.

Loki the Cultured, with a Better Vocabulary Than Most of Us Will Ever Have

Isn’t it interesting that the voice of Loki on the Mythology Podcast (3 parts) sounds very much like the actor, Tom Hiddleston, who is famous for playing Marvel Loki in the Avengers movies? Cultured, witty, his voice usually quiet but with an edge, an adroit use of language… This is the Loki of Lokasenna. Yes, he’s drunk in that story, and a wee bit over the top, but he manages to verbally flay his drunken chums for their hypocrisy. It reminds me of the scene in Cyrano de Bergerac when Cyrano composes and declaims a spontaneous poem while dueling a witless fool (“and when I end the refrain, I thrust home!”).

And wow, what about Marvel Loki, reading a book in Asgard’s palace slammer? (Yes! A book! So much cooler than a cigarette!) Any variation (whether Marvel or Norse) of Loki with a book suggests a search for knowledge–as knowledge is power, my droogies! To quote from the modern Sherlock series, “smart is the new sexy.”

It works for me, anyhow.

Artist: Elena Nekrasova. https://www.deviantart.com/elena-nekrasova/art/Loki-566886203

Pensive, Sensitive, Brooding Loki

You see this a lot in Marvel Loki fan art, such as this image by Elena Nekrasova on DeviantArt. Is he reflecting on the consequences of his actions or merely plotting his next move? Who knows! But many people find this aspect appealing–sort of like being in the eye of a hurricane?

This is the Loki of ASMR Hiddleston-soundalike recordings.

Comicbook Lady Loki

She’s hot. She busty. She’s probably wearing latex. She can impale you with her hat. She probably has her own FetLife profile. It works for some. As for me, it just makes me sad I lost my figure after birthing two younguns.

Pride Loki

Our favorite shape-shifter gender-shifts too, and to many people, he/she/ze/they is/are wonderfully queer, gender everything, and possibly pansexual. Just google “Pride Loki.” You’ll love it. Images abound. Yay.

Artist: Sceith-A. https://www.deviantart.com/sceith-a/art/Das-Rheingold-448237298

Loki the Glorious Heartbreaking Diva

Leaving the Marvel Universe at last, here’s our favorite horned god in all his flamehair majesty. No one depicts Loki like Skeith-A on DeviantArt. This one. Here. You can purchase a print and I encourage you to support this and other talented artists.

Devotional Art and Literature

Now, I want to say a word about images (and written work) that “romanticize” Loki, almost to the point of overwhelming sentimentality. This kind of art and writing is nothing new. Don’t believe me? Think back to images of the West’s impossibly white Jesus and Mother Mary–oozing with sentimentality and yearning–or depictions of various Hindu deities or the tantric avatar, Babaji Naga Raj? Such images are invested with all the love, submerged eroticism, glamour, and desirable attributes that can be imagined by any god-struck artist. They are meant to draw us in.

Even comicbook characters are often drawn as hyper-desirable. In my early twenties I adored Barry Windsor-Smith’s comicbook renderings of Conan, who was not a god of course but he was built like one. (I still have a complete set of Smith’s Conan comic books. Do I look at them much now? Nah. I’ve moved on…) Others might feel similarly about Frank Frazetta’s Vampirella. (I can imagine Vampirella and Lady Loki meeting for lunch…)

Below: Shiva (at left) and Krishna (right).

These images are devotional. Such work has been around for eons. So it annoys me that people diss Loki “fan art.” I take such work seriously. I respect it, even the artistically cruder renderings. The upcoming Loki’s Torch has a number of such illustrations, wrought with various skill and style.

The above list of Loki variations is not complete, of course. We all see or experience Loki in various ways. Some people claim he’s shown up in their dreams in a wide variety of appearances and fashion. Most report seeing him as young, but I’ve got a hankering for an image that shows some wear, some wit, and some wisdom, and yet is still spiritually and visually alluring. But no facial hair, please! My Loki has no goatee.


Happy Birthday, Tom Hiddleston!

Thank you so much, Mr. Hiddleston, for your wonderful portrayal of “Marvel Loki.” Your performances have served as a “gateway drug” for so many who are now fervent Norse Lokeans! You’re the best “Loki cosplayer” on Midgard!

Marvel Loki with dark hair in leather armor, arms folding, looking forward. Text--"I am Loki of Asgard. And I demand that you be burdended with g
I don’t know the origin of this meme–I tried to find it on Google’s image search. It’s probably up on thousands of websites today! Image Description: Marvel Loki with dark hair in leather armor, arms folding, looking forward. Text–“I am Loki of Asgard. And I demand that you be burdended with glorious birthday fun.”

Hail Loki!



Gosh, Thanks Mr. Lokibot!

The other day I was inspired by a podcast on divination to visit Inspirobot, my favorite artificial intelligence website, and then to invite my favorite Liminal Trickster to profer some wisdom, using the AI program as a divinitory vehicle. (Yes, I know. Too much time on my hands…)

I invited Loki to comment on my (non-existent) love life. Here’s what I got.


Of course I laughed, “Ha, ha! Spot on, Mr. Lokibot!” And of course I then asked the soul-searching question (but not out loud), “stranger than what, exactly?”

Being a glutton for punishment, or at least desperate for amusement, the next day I asked Loki to suggest a theme for our special day (Tuesday is always the big devotional day for Loki in my household). This is what I got.


Harsh, dude! And yes, much emotional pain ensued (Uranus was squaring Mars and I’m kind of heartbroken about a family matter) but I wouldn’t call it “good pain” exactly. As for the slaughter, I supposed that took place during lunch, when I vanquished a Thai chicken salad and several cups of weak tea while re-reading parts of Dagulf Loptson’s book. But Mr. Lokibot, the Worldbreaker, still got his special Tuesday offerings–an artisan macaroon from an artisan bakery and a glass of mango-flavored beer from an artisan brewery. (I don’t drink, myself.)

Today, not being a person who lets go of novelty easily (instead, preferring to wear it out by dreary repetition), I once again asked Mr. Lokibot to comment on my (still non-existent) love life. This is what I got: Mr. Lokibot summarizing the results of his sex research.


Well, yes, of course he’d see it that way. He is famous, both as Norse Loki and as the (very attractive) Marvel Loki, and this has most definitely boosted his number of spectrosexual partners and god spouses. However, did anyone send me steamy texts or love letters after my appearances on Tyra Banks and Good Morning America in 2009? Or after my commentary in two episodes of National Geographic Taboo shortly thereafter? Nope. All I got was vilification in right wing blogs for researching Objectum Sexuality. “Whack job of a sexologist” was one of the more restrained comments I remember. So, no, I don’t think the above holds true for aging sexologists.

Plus, correlation does not necessarily equal causation. Just sayin’.

The above may be taken with a grain of salt from a “whack job” of a Lokean. You’re welcome.