The Witching Work

March 15th launch of the sequel to The Dire Deeds, in my Guild of Ornamental Hermits fantasy series!

I am so happy to announce the mid-March arrival of my second book in The Guild of Ornamental Hermits queer urban fantasy and paranormal romance series! As of March 15th, it has arrived, first as a Kindle eBook and soon will appear as a paperback.

Like the first book, The Witching Work takes place on Hawaiʻi Island during a “not too distant future” when the Hawaiian Kingdom is finally unoccupied and able to reform its government. This is a transition time for everyone in the islands, but for the Hermits of Hermitville Farm & Arts Collective, their entire lives have been turned inside out by the sudden death of Hermitvilleʻs founder and the arrival of Elves of The Realm. In The Witching Work, the human Hermits are forced to become adepts in Elven magic in record time, because the human and preternatural foes continue to threaten all Hawaiʻi and humanity as a whole. Can our plucky ensemble of mostly queer, aging misfits and their dishy Elven mentors save the day? Or will the eldritch powers from beyond really land with a pink sploosh in the middle of Hawaiʻiʻs lush Puna district?

This is what some readers had so say about the first book, The Dire Deeds.

I am pleased to announce this publication of The Witching Work, as well as the forthcoming third book in the series, The Queerest Quest, hopefully later this year!


A Spell Bottle for Loki’s Altar

I just have to show off the lovely spell bottle necklace I had made as an offering for Loki’s altar. It was created by a local witchy craftsperson, JD Terrapin, after an enjoyable consultation over tea, with a selection of colors for the necklace and materials for the bottle (minerals, a spice, and Loki’s name in runes).

I’ve commissioned one for Bast too, as an offering of gratitude for my cat’s recovery from surgery.


Bastet, Cat Goddess

I asked Bast to bless my ailing cat.

Years ago my Aunt Mary gave me a golden necklace that was a museum replica of a statue of Bastet (or Bast), the Egyptian cat goddess. I’ve hardly worn it, until now. And I’ve had a little figurine of this goddess for quite a long time, but no altar space (until recently).

But when my dearest and oldest cat, Popoki, had to have surgery a couple of weeks ago, I put the necklace on and asked Bast for protection and healing for my cat. After all, even my vet agreed that this cat was an “emanation.” (It’s Oregon. It happens.) So, I made offerings and altar space.

Today Popoki gets her stitches removed and in celebration of her recovery, I am posting pictures of Bast, the joyous and generous, in her honor and as a gesture of thanks.


I’m fascinated by corvids (crows and ravens) but never got to know one. I suppose I should leave bright shiny things around the yard in order to attract their attention. In the meantime, I am enjoying looking at raven artwork on Wikimedia commons. Here are a few images that I’ve found.

Artwork by Gilbert White, public domain.
Kite and Crows by Yosa Buson (1716-1784). Public domain.