30 Days of Devotion for Loki

All Loki, all the time.


July 2019

Blog posts based on “Thirty Days of Deity Devotion,” a list of questions and topics created by Arrin.

Author: Randomness. May 25, 2008. CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

Day 1: Thirty Days of Devotion for Loki

Day 2: Loki? We Met Online

Day 3: Loki, The Fractal Face of Change

Day 4: Loki, Tales of the Witty

Day 5: Loki’s Kindred

Day 6: In With the In Crowd

Day 7: Today’s Secret Word

Day 8: Fascinating Facets

Day 9: Not Human

Day 10: Offerings

Day 11: Sacred Festivals

Day 12: Liminal Locations

Day 13: The Gods Have “Issues”

Day 14: In a Word, Donuts

Day 15: Just Add Loki

Day 16: Wild One

Day 17: Plays Well with Others?

Day 18: Loki’s Genders and Sexuality

Day 19: How Do I Love Thee, Loki?

Day 20: Loki the Artful Muse

Days 21-26: Back to My Days of Devotion with Loki

Day 27: Limiting Misconceptions About Loki

Day 28: A Lokean for Mauna Kea

Day 29: Gobs of Gnosis

Day 30: Approaching Loki

Artist: Sterling2. Public Domain.