Blog Post Titles and Links

day3lokiExcept for the July 2019 “30 Days of Devotion to Loki” blogs (listed on a separate page), this page shows all blog posts by Avnas Mars (Amy Marsh), but not posts shared from other blogs.

It is frequently updated in reverse chronology (newest first).

2022 Below

Make a Tiny Stealth Altar

Wars at Home and Abroad

Egg Magic for Two Ukraine Goddesses

Egg Magic for Peace in Ukraine

The Gospel According to My Earrings

2021 Below

Today is Loki’s Birthday

A Wombat’s Work is Never Done

Wholly Go Brightly

New Altars, New Deities, New Wights

All That Fruit!

I Once Had a Child

Whoa, UNhappy Birthing Day

Happy Birthing Day to Me

Name Changes

The Wyrd Gets Weirder – Loki and Springfield, OR

Loki Variants

Hammer Hurts (Poem)

My Nonbinary Coming Out Story

Shattered by The Untamed

Mobius Magic

Non-serious Social Incongruity

Isolation Consolation

2020 Below

My Slim Volume of Poetry

Hypnosis for Comfort, Pain Management and Relaxation

Patiently: A Covid-19 Horror Story

Magic of The Untamed

Devouring The Untamed

Wild About The Untamed

At the Mercy of Lightning Strikes AND the pandemic AND…

LokiFest 2020

Two Years Oathed to Loki Laufeyjarson

All Alone with Magic, Sex, Loki, and Liberation

De-Weoponizing White Tears

Anti-Racism Learning Resources

Signal Boost: CA Legislative Black Caucus

Sex and Magic and Sexual Human Rights

On the Altars

I Don’t Want To, But I Could Go

Magic March Miracles

Welcome to My MCS Life

Viral Magic

Today’s Full Moon Spells

Loki The Loving

Wicked Fascinations

Future PaganCons: Won’t You Include Us Too?

Signal Boosting: Two Strong Trans/Non-Binary Statements

Honey Money Jars & Other Spells to Support AIDS LifeCycle

I Was a Teenage Crone from Outer Space

Send Money: Sponsor Disasterina for 2020 AIDS LifeCycle

Book Review: Outside the Charmed Circle.

Dagulf Loptson’s New Book: Loki Trickster and Transformer.

Loki. Odin. Too Good to Miss.

Lady of “What’s Next?”

No War. No War. No War. 

2019 Below

X-mas in the “Marriage Bed”

Loki Never Mansplains

Why I’m Spelling MagicQ with a Q

Lessons from Loki

Learning to Be Human

November 28th:Hawaiian Independence Day and Un-thanksgiving Day at Alcatraz

Thanks Mr. Lokibot! Again!

Loki and the Witching Work

Nov. 20th Transgender Day of Remembrance

Dragula, How Do I Love Thee?

Loki The Muse

Blessed Samhain, With Electricity

My Favorite Time of the Year

Why It’s Really Hawaiian Science vs. Pro-TMT Culture

Climate Change and Environmental Illness

The Huge Climate Change Impact of Volatile Chemical Products

Mauna Kea Signal Boosting #2

In My Heart Today: Two Movements

To the 1% and Their Enablers

Global Climate Strike

Loki Spongecake Day: I Wanna Be Anarchy and Offer Storebought Goodies

Brightest and Best are the Sons of the Morning

River Women, Bright Fathers, and Watchers

Fetish Loki

This. Now.

I Has Cats

Surgery, Surgery.

Ready for Reverence

Spiritual Seesaw

Publication Party: Loki’s Torch Anthology

Restoration Day and TMT Man

Free, Online LokiFest Conference

Mauna Kea Kia’i–Speaking Truth to Liars

Open Letter to Governor Ige, Hawai’i

Resources: Saving Sacred Mauna Kea

Proof Copy of Loki’s Torch Arrives

Signal Boosting: Protect Sacred Mauna Kea

Balancing Devotional Action

Loki’s Torch Design Marathon

Summer Solstice–Not Feeling It?

Bumps in the LokiFest Road

Seeking Loki’s Mysteries

LokiFest Online

Public Service: Climate Change Reversal Resources

Loki: Proving the Poison

Loki and Cards Against Humanity Divination

LokiFest CA Moving Forward

Animism and Objectum Sexuality

Sunrise Ceremony

Meowington, the Temple Cat, is Dying

Loki and Spam

Grateful For My Readers, Happy With This Blog

Witchery & Modern Paganism: Decolonization, Racism, and More (Links to blogs by others)

Compersion for Lokeans

Loki: Acceleration on a Curve

My Gods are Fragrance-Free

LokiFest CA


Bullies with Bullets: The Weaponization of Cowardice

Stop Islamophobia and White Supremacy

Loki Blesses the Meds, Émile Coué Sanctions the Method

Spritual and Sexual Snobbery

As Only a Scorpio Can

Signal Boosts! Ancestral Lineage Healing Intensive & Pu’uhonua O Wai’anae

A Demon Named Amy?

Cats Sitting On Tarot Cards

Happy Birthday, Tom Hiddleston!

Love and Unholy Glee: Loki and the Positivity Ratio

Sexologist Leaves Broom Closet

Gebo, Isa, Jera, and Ehwaz

Where Am I With the Ancestors?

Estrogen and Mysticism

In the Realm of the Super Blood Red Wolf Moon

In the Realm of the Honeyed Moon

Devotional Orgasm

Breath of Life

Try a Little Tenderness

What is Home? People or Place?

My Happy Heart. The Troth Lifts Loki Ban

Deepening? Another Eight Days of Loki

2018 Below

Magic for Settler Colonists

Animism, Plastics, and the Unwise Alchemies

Spiritual Compost in the Liminal Space

So. The Solstice Happened

The Fey Divorcee

A New Game for Lokeans

Mourning a Real Life Trickster

Loki’s Witch Daughters & Wrathful Dakinis

Sensing the Sacred

Loki’s Holiday — Dec. 13th

Season’s Bleatings

Loki’s Sewn Lips-Personal Thoughts

Loki Quake! 

Ragnarök and Lava Flows

Group Lokean Letter sent to The Wild Hunt, Not Published – Wild Hunt Controversy

Rabbit, Rabbit

I’ve Eaten My Own Burnt Heart and Given Birth

Lokasenna Time! – Wild Hunt Controversy

Dude, I Call Lokiphobia! Check Your Bully Pulpit – Wild Hunt Controversy

Dude! I Call Unverified Political Gnosis! – Wild Hunt Controversy

Loki, Deity of Epigenetic Transformation?

More Than Apples, We Need Frith

Transphobia Not Welcome at Neo-Pagan Conference

Toy Witchery Part One

No Blood, Saliva Will Have to Do

Solitary, Eclectic Witchery

A Lot to Unpack

Gloating While Lokean

Voting While Lokean

More from Mr. Lokibot

Loptson’s “Eight Days of Loki” Ritual

Mauna Kea-Facing More Desecration

Declaration 127-A Stand Against Hate

The Illusion of Someone at Home

Tiny Temple Dedicated Oct. 28th


Lokabrenna Tiny Temple Update

“So Proud of You…”

What Came First? The Magic or the Book? (The Dire Deeds of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits)

Imagined, Not Imaginary

Leaving It Right Here

Meowington: The Temple Cat

Not-So-Solo (Neo)Tantra

Sexual Ecstacy in This Dire Time

Lucky LaFey and the Ornamental Hermits

Mr. Lokibot’s Advice to the Lovelorn

A Homeopathic Dose of Madness

Slut Shaming in the Lokasenna

Gosh, Thanks Mr. Lokibot!

It’s the Time of the Season

Loki Pushes My Neo-Tantra Buttons

Lokeans Are Stellar!

The Woo Gets Weird

Reflections on Climate Change Action

Standing Against Bigotry and Hate

Loki and the Johari Window

The Museum of John

All My Sorrows: RIP John Suter

My Lord, I Offer Thee…Twisted Humor

My Need for Kindred and Cahooting

Spectrosexuality: Spirit Sex and God Spousery

Meagre Palace of Midgard Part Two

Mendocino Complex Fire

Transforming Ancestral Poisons

Loki Limericks

Sex Magic

A “Meagre Palace of Midgard”

Loki, a God of Pleasure, Poisoned

Unverified Personal Gnosis

To the Stars

I Had an Anthroposophical Epiphany But All I Got Was This Rudolf Steiner T-Shirt

Spontaneous Combustion

Buried Treasure and Invisible Friends

Magic and Animism in Lake County, CA